Cosmic Cubs Dressup

A little Mobile app Left Brain is working on. Working with 2D photoshop art files for the Cosmic Cubs characters, this soon to be released app allows for tons of customization, and animation of the resulting composited character, with all the color changes, patterns, and even items attached to the character, like mustaches and glasses.
The resulting character art can be applied to an avatar and used in virtual worlds.
Deployed to iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop web browser.
Creative self expression with a limited set of clipart and character art.

Cosmic Dressup

B2B Successful Launch of Sales Conference App

Left Brain CT together with Leverage Marketing, LLC, just developed… a sales meeting app for the Sealed Air Product Care Division 2015 Sales Meeting.  Aimed at sales force attendees, the app features an interactive agenda, hotel info, quizzes, polls, and can capture user scores and responses from each session. Timely information can be delivered to participants via push notification and to promote engagement,  the app includes photo and video upload, which can be shared during the conference wrap meeting.

If you have a conference coming up give us a call to see what we can do for you.




Meet the Left Brain Interns!

Left Brain is pleased to have two interns from Middlesex Community College joining us this Spring 2015 semester. Without further ado, meet the Left Brain interns!


Hi guyJosh_Robbins_Left-Brain_Interns! My name is Josh Robbins and I’m one of the interns here at Left Brain. While I’ve spent most of my time here in Connecticut, I lived for a few years in Washington State, driving both ways across the country. While working in my last semester in Information Systems, I’ve found my love for programming and interactive design really blossom. When I’m not kicking around the office I send goblins, ghouls, and treasure after my friends in Dungeons and Dragons.

Games have always been a passion of mine. I’m always inspired to create enjoyable experiences for others. Whether it’s a game, help-desk software, or even a sign, anything I create must be a positive experience. I’m honored to be working here at Left Brain. They are empowering me to be part of an extraordinary team working on all sorts of interactive products. As an aspiring game developer, I could not be happier with the experience here.


Nate_Breininger_Left-Brain_InternHi, my name is Nate Breininger. At Middlesex Community College, I am studying information systems. I will finish my associate’s degree and graduate this May. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education at Central Connecticut State University and pursue a degree in computer science with a focus on software development.

I am ecstatic about the opportunity Left Brain has given me to explore the world of game and software development, and hope to use this experience to build a career in game development in the future.




Kruse Integration Dredge Simulation

Left Brain recently completed an interesting special project for client Kruse Integration – a dredge simulator.

Kruse looked to Left Brain to develop the visualization component for a series of dredge training systems. Left Brain used blueprints of actual dredges and a variety of photo resources to recreate the components visible to a dredge operator. We also developed a system which received values passed in from the programmable logic control (PLC) devices into the simulation, smoothing the rough numbers into realistic motion that was calibrated to be as close to reality as possible.

Here’s what Kruse had to say about the simulator:

“This simulator has every automation feature you could want in a Cutter Suction Dredge. Complete with real hydraulic and engine sounds and multiple background scenery selections. The simulator uses real physics to give exact results based on Operator intervention. Including line plug, cutter walk, low flow, cable break, cutter stall and many others. Each of the Kruse Integration automation features are included and ready for action. “

Below is a video showing the simulator in action:

Please visit to learn more about their dredge systems and other products.